How to Apply

Hamilton is awarding up to five syringe product grants per month through the end of December, 31, 2018.  Grants will be awarded to teaching facilities that conduct labs or classes where Hamilton syringes or needles will be used as learning or teaching aids. Each grant is for a $1,000 product credit to be used towards Hamilton syringes and needles only. Application may be submitted electronically at any time using the following link.

Applications will be evaluated primarily on the potential to positively impact the student’s learning experience. Secondary consideration will be given to the demonstrated knowledge of Hamilton products, the proposed use of those products and any general information the applicant would like to share with the grant review board. Lastly, the composition and effort of the written sections will also be considered.

Applications must be completed and received by the last Friday of each month to be considered for that month’s award. Hamilton Company will notify the winners by email and/or telephone no later than the second Tuesday of the following month. Multiple forms may be submitted by the same applicant, college/university or other facility as long as the need demonstrated or scientific application described is different within each form.

You will NOT be able to save your progress while completing the online application form. You may wish to format your information in a word processing program, then “paste” the finished product onto this form under the appropriate headings.

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*Only complete applications will be reviewed. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your electronic submission within one week.