Relevant Research Opportunities

David Herbert Assistant Professor| University of Manitoba An important facet to our research program is undergraduate participation. We try to include undergraduates in our work in a variety of ways, and give them meaningful research experiences. Although my group is relatively new (we turn two this year!), we have already had a bunch of talented undergraduates pass through, some of whom have used their time with us as a springboard to further scientific endeavors such as graduate school. While including undergrads can be remarkably fruitful, it does also come with increased equipment and consumables costs. Programs such as the Hamilton Grants are great opportunities to help us provide meaningful research opportunities to a new generation of students, so… thanks! Continue reading…

Novel Research on Metalloproteins

Molly L. Croteau
Chemistry PhD Candidate ’15 | Dartmouth College

The graduate and undergraduate students in the Wilcox lab at Dartmouth College are using isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) to conduct research and learn about thermodynamics. The syringes that Molly Croteau received with her 2012 Hamilton Product Grant will facilitate sample loading to these instruments for two years. Molly has generously shared her story as an example of the amazing things being done with the support from Hamilton Company and the Syringe Product Grant program.

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Metal/Amino acid complexes show activity against bacterial infection

Joseph S. Merola Department of Chemistry | Virginia Tech I have had quite a varied career since receiving my Ph.D. in 1978. I worked at the Corporate Research Laboratories at Exxon Research and Engineering in New Jersey for nine years carrying out research on metal carbonyl complexes and their ability to catalyze chemical reactions. It was a great place to work, but I missed working with students and, in 1987, I was provided with the opportunity to join the chemistry faculty at Virginia Tech and I jumped at the chance. Continue reading…

A student’s grade depended on Hamilton precision

Aniello Tambasco, M.B.A
Lab Tech./Assistant/Part-Time Lab Instructor | Wilkes University

Our goal at Wilkes University (Wilkes-Barre, Pa) is to teach our students to be sustainable but yet not compromising accuracy and precision. With the Hamilton syringes we are able to teach our students these three things. The Hamilton grant was a big help by alleviating additional lab expenses and obtaining world class syringes for all our spectroscopy and delivery needs.

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